Quality management

Quality management

High quality commitment stem from Youngsun team understand the depth of quality. We have strict audit and quality management system, to ensure the association and the suppliers provide the best quality and service. The following process aim at ensure provide qualified products for customers.


According to customer requirements and product specifications, evaluate and select the qualified material suppliers.

We have regular visit and audit for cooperation manufacturers to control material quality.


Study and know well customer’s product technical documents, drawings and quality requirements befor e manufacture , to avoid any negligence and misunderstand about customer technic and quality requirements in project initial phase.


All production operations are in accordance with ISO9001 quality management system and 6S site management system requirements.


In order to reach customer requirements, EMT internal business department and production department are under strict supervision. If any quality or service problems happen, we will immediately notify relevant departments, review and solve the problems at once. Meanwhile,

we will monitor the responsibility department and related personnel, and force appropriate pressure.