Dongguan metal stamping industry will develop towards the refinement

Time:2019-05-27 10:27:14

Dongguan metal stamping industry layout adjustment is the natural trend of economic development, the eastern region after years of technology, talent and capital accumulation, will gradually transition to high-end products production base, and emerging centers will undertake a part of the perfection of production. This is a reasonable division of labor, broke the past product of a single, regional homogeneity serious situation, also provides a ladder stamping mould industry in our country the development of space.

At present, dongguan metal stamping industry development characteristics, large, sophisticated, complex products into the industry mainstream, will constantly improve the technology content, continuously shorten manufacture cycle, stamping die production will continue towards informationization, digitization and intensification, high speed and automation direction development, industry comprehensive strength and core competitiveness significantly increased. Industry experts said the cheap and fine China stamping stamping die products are very popular in the international market and domestic stamping stamping die stamping die in our country occupy the important position in the total import and export. Stamping stamping dies for stamping die percentage were 40.33% and 25.12% respectively of the total amount of import and export, has become an international one of the most important exporter of stamping stamping die field.

It is understood that the dongguan stamping stamping die industry is increasingly pursued the world's advanced level, and narrowing the technology gap with the developed region, many domestic precision stamping stamping die on the main performance have been able to near the United States, and imported products industry overall level increased significantly, not only realize the import substitution, there are quite a number of production exported to the United States, Japan and other developed regions and areas. At present, the precision stamping stamping die are actively to the interna